One Week Till Go Time


I’ve just returned from three, count them, THREE, stores I searched mostly in vain for a plug converter/adapter/whatever you call these things, having visited one that sold only adapters for shavers and hairdryers (do people really travel with these things? being kind of lax in the hygiene department I find this hard to believe), one where I found the needed converter and advice to head on to a third for a “ground plug adapter.” (I had to pull out the piece of receipt the clerk wrote this on in order to type that, which goes to show that I’m definitely not the sort of person who should be making such purchases.) At the third I got the three-prong to two-prong adapter along with some strong advice to not plug my computer (or anything, for that matter) into it, since the adapter would render any surge protector useless, and nearly crumpled to the floor in tears.

Other than this preparations are going well, with a trip to Philly yesterday for photos, beer, flatbread and bread pudding; one new and awesome tiny sleeping bag that I happily proved capable of stuffing back in its bag; playing with skype on my tiny computer I may or may not be able to/want to plug in using my array of converters, adapters and protectors; one project to read Infinite Jest before leaving abandoned in favor of buying it for my kindle and finishing it in Macedonia (let’s see how this one goes); four pairs of thick socks; some goofy warm sweaters and beautiful NJ weather.

I’ve also been busy taking photos of Philadelphia, mostly, and trees, and water.


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