Photo: Skenderbeu


Gjergj Skenderbeu (in English we’d probably type George Skanderbeg) is an Albanian hero known for leading a resistance against the Ottoman Empire and delaying its expansion into Western Europe. Pretty much anywhere there’s a large Albanian population in Macedonia you’ll find a statue of Skenderbeu. This is the one in my town.

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  1. What a coincidence!

    I have begun reading the book “Balkan Ghosts” (by Robert Kaplan) and just last night I read, – – –

    “Although Serbs prefer not to talk about it, Albanians, too, had their national development arrested by the Turks. The only bright flash in their long, dark night of servitude was the career of George Scanderberg, a fifteenth-century Albanian officer in the Ottoman army, who deserted to lead a successful revolt in his native land.”

    Reading your posting caused a flash of recognition, but without certainty, so I went back and checked the book and saw the spelling difference.

    Reading this book, after having read “Bury Me Standing” is giving me second thoughts about whether to attempt both languages at training. The histories and cultures are fascinating. I am getting very eager to meet people in both countries and explore the areas.

    Thanks for posting this photo. Please post some more photos of your community and also some of your excursions.

    • If I remember correctly, there will be some panels about the dual-language program during your first week in the country, and you’ll have the chance to speak with a couple volunteers who have done the program. I’ve had a very different experience than have other volunteers and sometimes feel lost when it comes to Macedonian Orthodox tradition, but I wouldn’t trade that for the chance I had to experience culture here on the West side.

      • In addition to the growing fascination and interest I am experiencing through my reading about the histories, cultures and people of both Macedonia and Albania, your postings along with the postings and urging by Candy are making me seriously reconsider whether to tackle both languages.
        I appreciate the information about how we will be given more specific information and reports from PCVs about their first-hand experiences during our first days in-country.
        Thanks for all of the information and encouragement!

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