The weather in Debar can be a little funny because of the mountains – you can see storms moving in over the mountains and it’s often sunny and pouring at the same time. We get some awesome rainbows here. This photo is looking over my neighbor’s garden, taken through my broken, cobwebbed window. (I swear, I do clean occasionally.)


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  1. The climate sounds wonderful.
    I like your neighbor’s hay loft. Kinda reminds me of Lancaster, PA (Pennsylvania Dutch country).
    Say, is that a field of sweet corn?
    If not, do they have sweet corn in Macedonia?
    If not, I’ll pack some kernels/seeds to plant next spring.
    Do they know how to roast corn while still in the husks, then peel and eat?

    • Those may be better questions to ask Candy. I avoid corn whenever someone offers it to me because it’s very tough, not the sort of corn we’d eat in the states. They have seed stores here and I bet you can find sweet corn kernels here, so don’t bring them; besides which, you don’t know yet what your living situation will be. Only a few volunteers have garden space.

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